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//FAQs for Producers & Creators
FAQs for Producers & Creators2018-06-10T21:19:32+00:00
What’s in it for you?2018-06-13T15:59:02+00:00

We are sick and tired of places like Facebook and YouTube taking our content and material, then manipulating whether or not our material is seen by the people who have subscribed to see it. We want to create a level playing field to help producers and creators to get their goodies out there.

We also hope to build cross pollinate of audiences. Ultimately building your watch time and revenue.

Is there any content / material you don’t place ads on?2018-06-10T21:13:45+00:00

Yes, Fan Films.

Due to the obvious nature of fan films, legally no one can make any profit from them. We include them on our site because we like them – and some of them are seriously good! We hope you like them too.